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Patriot Provisions

>>>Prospectors Wilderness Pack <<< INCLUDES ***FREE SILVER COINS***

$120.00 $300.00

Patriot Family Survival is proud to announce this newest addition to our line up...With the advise of a Few Good Men, We are now promoting alternative means of Bartering and Payment. That being said, we have created this great Survival Pack that compliments others in our product line. here is what you will receive.


A top quality digital camo backpack that contains 1 Hunters Knife with guthook/sheath (A 40.00 retail value), 1 each 5 liter collapsible water carrier, 1 Mini Hurricane Lantern (includes batteries), 1 each 3in1 Map Measuring tool/compass/thermometer, 1 Telescoping Emergency Rod/Reel Combo with accessories, 30 Servings of Freeze Dried Food, 1 Stainless Steel Cook Pot with bonus plates,bowls, spoons, forks, knives, 1 Johnson&Johnmson Basic First aid Kit, 1 pocket Bible, plus 3 FREE pre 1965 (90% silver) dimes to start your prospecting out right! This is a retail value of OVER $300.00 but...TO TOP EVEN THIS GREAT DEAL if you buy 2 or more Prospector Wilderness Packs we will TRIPLE YOUR SILVER yes TRIPLE your dimes to 9 each per kit.


of course (While Supplies Last). If silver goes up to $200.00 per ounce, you just got this pack for FREE!

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