Patriot Family Survival

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Patriot Provisions

*The Hagmann"Just in Case" Survival Kit - 85 Pieces*

$49.90 $60.00

Contains Durable Back Pack Bag with the Following 86 pieces Included: Emergency Tent, 1 Pouch Emergency Food, Deluxe 25 piece Sewing Kit, 12 piece Dust Mask, 15 Piece Screwdriver set, Water Bottle, 12 Piece auto Fuses and Fuse Tester or Alan Set, Swiss Army Style Pocket Knife, All Purpose 4x6 Tarp, 3 piece Dental Kit, Emergency Folding Stove with Fuel, 2 Pouches Emergency Water, 42 piece Emergency First Aid Kit, Emergency Blanket, Refillable Stove Lighter, Full size King James Bible

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