Patriot Family Survival

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Patriot Provisions

#1 Hagmann Special - Blowout Special On 360 Servings by The Ready Project..only .75 cents per Serving plus many Free Items Total $400.00 Value

$299.99 $400.00

Your Package Includes: 30 Servings of Zesty Spanish Rice, 30 Servings of Mixed Vegetables, 30 Servings of Beef or Chicken Vegetable Stew, 30 Servings of Pasta, 30 servings of Cheddar or Alfredo Sauce, 18 Servings of Ham by THRIVE, 30 Servings of Quick Oatmeal, 30 Servings of Rice Pudding, 30 Servings of Creamy Mashed Potatoes, 30 Servings of Red Beans and Rice or Cheddar Broccoli Rice, 30 Servings of Polenta (southern style corn grits), 30 Servings of Hearty Potato Soup or Seasoned Southern Style Instant Potatoes need something to cook them in, so we are throwing in a Aluminum 2 Quart Cook Pot with Lid, 2 each camping cups for measuring, 2 reusable Plates and Bowls, 4 Disposable Forks, Spoons and Knives (all in a handy mesh bag)

Folks "This is a GREAT BUY" and a Hagmann Special celebrating 2015 and The Veterans Outreach Program

(no dealers please)

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