Patriot Family Survival

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Patriot Provisions

#1 Advanced Trauma (EMT) or First Responder Kit ( Compare up to $400.00)

$149.99 $400.00

- Advanced Trauma (EMT) or Professional


Medical Grade Latex Gloves


Medical Grade Filtration Mask (Surgical)




Cervical Collar


Blood Stopper Trauma Pad


Head Lamp 7 LED


Emergency Strobe


Eye Patch Pad


Medical Grade Tape




4x4 Gauze Pad


3x3 Gauze Pad


2x2 Gauze Pad


Gauze Roll


Disposable Thermometers


CPR Mouthpiece and Guard


Assorted Butterfly Bandages


Assorted Strip Bandages


Sting Relief Pads




Insect Repellent Wipes


SPF 30 Sun Block Wipes


Instant Cold Pack


Instant Heat Pack


Ace Bandages


Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer


Antibacterial Ointment


Burn Cream


Alcohol Pads


Antimicrobial Wipes


Ammonia Inhalant


Antibacterial Soap 3 bars


Wire Splint


Tongue Depressor (can be used for finger splint)


Sterile Tweezers




Cotton Swabs


Emergency Blanket


Army Green Military Style EMT Field Bag with Carry Strap

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